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Richard Jones - author of “Haunted Britain and Ireland”
Proudly Presents

the london halloween ghost walk


Remember, this is the only halloween ghostwalk to be led by
a genuine authority on haunted britain




The Tour

It’s Halloween the spookiest night of the year. The night when darkness engulfs the old courtyards and silent graveyards of London’s oldest and spookiest quarter. The night when dark shadows flit across the face of the moon and twilight’s gnarled fingers scratch their way through the city of the dead.

Many ghost walks will thread their way through London on this night of nights, Halloween, but this is the ONLY ONE to be led by a genuine authority on the capitals haunted a and sinister history. Richard Jones, your guide, is the author of the best selling book Walking Haunted London  and of the internationally acclaimed Haunted Britain and Ireland.

 He appeared on the History Channels Haunted History : London Special (for which he also acted as locations and historic adviser) on  the Discovery Channels  Haunted London where he braved the dangers of the sinister room at London’s most haunted house 52 Berkeley Square. He is a masterful storyteller who has been chilling audiences on haunted tours since 1982 and is now widely regarded as the best ghost walk guide in London.


So join him on a spine tingling Halloween journey as he unlocks the secrets of the haunted city. Let him lead you into the graveyard where a gruesome event committed in the 1830’s has left an indelible stain upon the ethereal plane.

Let him show you a dungeon where you will just sense countless dreadful happenings have occurred. 

Let him tell you the strange, though true, story of the haunted elevator at London’s oldest hospital; or lead you through the ancient burial ground where the  she wolf's restless wraith chills the blood of many a late night wanderer.  Shiver in the silent graveyard where a lone monk keeps his weary vigil amongst the crumbling, weatherworn tombstones and stand on the very spot where Sir William Wallace  - Braveheart himself - was executed.

So join London’s master of the macabre on a spinechilling, nerve jangling journey through haunted London and shiver as the city of the dead stirs into dramatic , ghostly life.

Remember, this is the only halloween ghostwalk to be led by a genuine authority on haunted britain



WALKING HAUNTED LONDON by Richard Jones takes you on 25 spine-chilling journeys through eerie and forgotten parts of London. The book offers a wealth of detail on ghostly people and places both past and present, from Jack the Ripper to Pluckley, the most haunted village in England. There are over 30 full colour photographs including several ghosts. The book is published by New Holland (Publishers) Ltd and is available at all good bookstores.


HAUNTED BRITAIN by Richard Jones
A spine-chilling exploration of the haunted sites of Britain and Ireland, and an indispensable guide for ghost-hunters everywhere.
• More than 8O haunted sites - and many more ghosts - are described in evocative and atmospheric detail
• A wealth of biographical information and extracts from original
documents place the spectres in their historical context
• Superb photography and contemporary illustrations supplement thetext, and maps pinpoint the sites


The Halloween Ghost walk is a spinechilling, nerve jangling journey through haunted London led by a genuine authority on Haunted Britain.


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