"Walking Tours of London are now a crowded market, but Richard Jones keeps ahead of the pack with impeccable research, and having honed his performance in more than 5,000 guided tours....." THE EVENING STANDARD

"... This is among the most reliable of the many London ghost walks. Richard Jones is a committed story teller, illusionist and psychic specialist, who shares his enthusiasm with fellow hunters in the dimly lit alleyways, graveyards and hidden courtyards of the City ..." THE INDEPENDENT

"... I have been coming to England for many years and have done almost all the ... London walks. In all honesty you are truly the "BEST" ..." D. NEIDERMYER. MARANTHA PRODUCTIONS

""... Richard Jones, a delightfully animated guide, takes his captivated audience past some parts of London it's a sure bet they would never see otherwise. It's hard not to shiver a few times, but it certainly adds an eerie, realistic air to the adventure ..." THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER

""... this is an eerie, historical site.. and, without a single prop, Richard Jones succeeds in conjuring more potent memories out of the area than from a neighbourhood full of palaces ..." THE SUNDAY TIMES

""... One woman was so terrified after a demonstration of his "psychic" powers, that she locked herself in the pub lavatory and refused to leave ..." THE MAIL ON SUNDAY

""..Richard Jones has been researching "ghostly things" for some years now and he's pretty much ahead of the game, with a very winning set of anecdotes and a good sense of humour..." HIGHBURY AND ISLINGTON GAZETTE

"... Our guide looked like he'd stepped straight from the pages of a Dickens novel.." TRAVEL AGE WEST