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These great London Ghost Walks are led by ghost book author and paranormal television presenter Richard Jones.

Richard offer two great ghost walks a week. These take place on Fridays and Saturdays. Each tour covers different haunted sites and features different chilling true London ghost stories.

Friday Nights at 7pm
Ghosts, Ghouls and Graveyards
The Hidden Horrors of Haunted London

An historically factual, yet spine chilling London ghost walk that takes you through one of the City’s most ancient and haunted quarters. The walk features the old churchyard where the fearsome spectre of the “She-Wolfe” of France performs a perpetual penance for her long ago act of infamy. It visits the street where London’s most famous ghost put in an appearance in the mid 18th century. It takes in the tumbledown churchyard where a lone monk keeps a sombre vigil amongst tumbledown tombstones.

It includes the very spot where Sir William Wallace – Braveheart himself – was hanged drawn and quartered in 1305. And it ends in a tranquil secret segment of the historic city where you will be transported back in time to gaze in wonder at the atmospheric remnants of Roman London. Here you will have the opportunity to see if you can get a picture of the sinister, ghostly figure that has made an appearance on many photographs taken by tour participants over the years. In addition you will visit many more sites that are haunted, or where unexplainable phenomenon has been experienced.

Saturday Nights at 7-30 pm
Alleyways and Shadows
The Old City Ghost Walk

On Saturday nights the streets of the Old City of London are deserted and become strangely silent. Footsteps echo through the darkness, strange, twisting shadows are cast onto ancient, crumbling walls. There is a definite sense of being watched by someone (or something) that may, or may not, be lurking in one of the dark recesses that we pass in the course of the Alleyways and Shadows Ghost Walk. In short there is no better night to explore the timeless heart of the old city than on a Saturday.

Beginning at one of the London’s most haunted underground stations the Old City Ghost Walk dives straight into the old alleyways at the heart of the City in which time well and truly stands still. You begin by seeing if you can feel the devil’s breath blowing gently on the back of your neck, before moving on to the spot where Dickens placed the location of Scrooge’s Counting House in A Christmas Carol. Then it’s into an old churchyard where you will hear a gruesome tale of a long ago ghostly happening.

One of the City of London’s most impressive buildings comes next. Yet you will see it in a different light (or shade of darkness) when you hear of the ghostly lady that haunts it. Onwards and forwards then, to the courtyard where one of 19th century London’s strangest happenings occurred. The final destination is a City institution where many who have joined Richard on his London Ghost Walk have photographed what could possibly be evidence of ghostly activity. Will you be lucky (or unlucky) enough to leave the tour with your own paranormal picture on your mobile phone or digital camera? All this, and much, much more is featured on what is widely regarded as one of London’s best ghost tours. But dare you take part?

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So these are the two ghost walks that are led by Richard Jones, London’s Master of the Macabre, Richard Jones. He is the only ghost walk guide to have written 18 books on all aspects of the paranormal, and the only guide to have appeared year after year on international television talking about the ghostly and sinister aspects of London’s darker history. When you join one of Richard’s ghost walks you are not just joining a guide who has read a few stories in a book, but rather you are joining the guide who wrote the book that other guides use when planning their tours. In other words you are locating the source and are joining London’s only expert led haunted tours

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WALKING HAUNTED LONDON by Richard Jones takes you on 25 spine-chilling journeys through eerie and forgotten parts of London. The book offers a wealth of detail on ghostly people and places both past and present, from Jack the Ripper to Pluckley, the most haunted village in England. There are over 30 full colour photographs including several ghosts. The book is published by New Holland (Publishers) Ltd and is available at all good bookstores.


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